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Pole Window Cleaning

We pride ourselves in delivering high standards in window cleaning to all our clients throughout the whole of Lincolnshire.

Here are Lincs Cleaning Services we use a long reach pole system which feeds water through the main pip to ensure we can work from a ground floor and still clean your windows as high as they may be. This can be used for commercial and domestic settings and operate at times that suit you. This is by far the most effective and easy method to operate in an alternative way to clean windows if you’re looking for a great result. Consisting of a long pole with a soft bristled brush on the end, where pure water is sprayed through the soft bristled brush at the end of the pole to remove dirt from the windows.

The pure water attracts grime and impurities, and the water-fed pole enables the window cleaner to stand safely on ground level to reach inaccessible places. This is perfect for large office buildings where scaffolding and platform access can be limited or totally unavailable.

The poles can reach up to a height of 65ft by a specialist trained workman on ground level, the water-fed poles can also be used in conjunction with our Work Elevated Platforms to increase the reachable height. Some benefits of using a Water-fed Pole are as follows:

  • Access to difficult-to-reach places.
  • Minimise damage to the building.
  • Reduces disturbance to workers in the building.
  • Is more cost effective than alternative methods such as platforms.

Regardless of if you need a one of clean or a more regular scheduled service, we can help.

For more information on our window cleaning service please call us on the numbers provided or send us a message using the contact form.

Cleaning High Windows 2
Cleaning High Windows
Lincs Cleaning Van
Lincs Cleaning working on windows